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Sample Articles

  • Jerome Blondell, Ph.D., M.P.H., "Adverse Impacts of Massive and Illegal Immigration in the United States" [Full Text, pdf].

  • David Howden, "The Rise and Fall of the Icelandic Economy" [Full Text, pdf].

  • Robert W. Kolb, "Geopolitical Threats to World Energy Markets" [Full Text, pdf].

  • Stephen Mutula, Wilson K. Muna, and Geoffrey P. Koma, "Leadership and Political Corruption in Kenya: Analysis of the 2010 Constitutional Provisions on the Presidency" [Full Text, pdf].

  • Ernest Raiklin, "The Chinese Challenge to Russia in Siberia and the Russian Far East" [Full Text, pdf].

  • Brian P. Simpson, "Needed in the Context of the Renewed Popularity of Keynes’s Ideas: An Analysis of his Errors" [Full Text, pdf].