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JSPES, Vol. 34, No. 2 (Summer 2009)
pp. 154-194

Russia and China An Approaching Conflict?

K. R. Bolton

Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand

The seeming rapport in recent years between Russia and China is one of the foundations of the post-Cold War world. Yet Russo-China friendship is an aberration of history. This article examines whether the Sino-Russian accord is based on secure and enduring foundations, or whether it is a very temporary alliance of convenience that will erupt sooner rather than later into conflict and expanding conflagration throughout Asia. China’s past inclination to resort to invasion backgrounds the current suspicion between the two newfound “friends” amidst China’s growing incursions into traditional Russian spheres of influences and even into the Russian Far East. Scenarios for future conflict are examined, particularly possible contentions over water resources. Reference is also made to recent relations between China and the USA.