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About The Journal for Social,
Political, and Economic Studies

The quarterly Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies (ISSN 0278-839X), which has been published regularly since 1976, is a peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to scholarly papers which present in depth information on contemporary issues of primarily international interest. The emphasis is on factual information rather than purely theoretical or historical papers, although it welcomes an historical approach to contemporary situations where this serves to clarify the causal background to present day problems.

The Journal is published by the Council for Social and Economic Studies, P.O. Box 34143, Washington DC 20043, USA, and is financed wholly by subscriptions from universities, libraries and individuals. Each Volume corresponds to the Calendar Year, and aims to comprise upwards of 500 pages.

The General Editor, Professor Roger Pearson, and the Associate Editor, Louis T. March, are assisted by an Editorial Advisory Committee comprising a variety of academics and experienced public figures.

Submission of Manuscripts
Qualified authors are invited to submit manuscripts for publication. Where possible, these should be transmitted electronically to A hard copy may be requested if the manuscript is accepted for publication, especially if the article contains complex tables, equations, unusual symbols, or foreign words and linguistic symbols. Length may vary but other than in exceptional circumstances, papers should be between 2000 and 20,000 words.

Authors should please bear in mind that, as JSPES is a quarterly journal, any statements and information should be such as will still be relevant when the printed journal reaches its reader audience.

Every endeavor is made by the editors to obtain a quick decision from the referees, and to inform the author of their decision within a few weeks of receiving a submission. Priority in publishing accepted articles will be given to those most likely to be affected by ongoing events, and where appropriate authors are usually afforded an opportunity to update their papers before these are sent to the printers.

Preference is given to articles providing in-depth information about contemporary issues of interest to educated readers in any country, rather than those which have too limited an application. Submissions are evaluated primarily on the basis of factual soundness, contemporary relevance, and significance. Theoretical articles will be considered when these are based on solid data.

Articles which advocate political policies are discouraged. Any views expressed in articles are those of the authors and are not necessarily shared by the editors or publishers.

When submitting a manuscript electronically, please list references in alphabetical order at the end of the article, and where possible link footnotes electronically to the corresponding numbers inserted in the text.

The names of books and journals should be italicized, and when mentioned in the text for the first time should be accompanied by the year of publication (in parentheses). All articles should be accompanied by a bibliography listing the titles of books and articles (in the case of articles the name of the book or journal in which they appeared in required), the author(s) name(s), the year of publication, and the publisher's name.

All manuscripts should be accompanied by a brief abstract and suggested Key Words (as an aid to indexers).