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JSPES, Vol. 30, No. 2 (Summer 2005 )
pp. 137-153

The Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA): The United States, Russian And Chinese Views

Matthew Mowthorpe

This article examines the United States approach to the current revolution in military affairs (RMA), and examines the key players in promoting this revolution. The elements of the RMA - precision strike, information warfare, and dominant maneuver - are analyzed in turn. The underpinning of space systems for the RMA is addressed. The United States section concludes with an analysis of the factors driving the RMA and the concern in the United States of other countries embracing the RMA. The Chinese approach to the RMA is examined. The individuals involved in the discourse are identified and the origins of the RMA debate in China are traced. Also, addressed is the attempt to Sinify the RMA. The Russian approach to the RMA is traced, and indeed is the source of the concept called the Military Technical Revolution that evolved into the RMA.

Key Words: Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA); United States; Russia; China