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JSPES, Vol. 28, No. 2 (Summer 2003 )
pp. 123-152

The New Middle East: The Gulf Monarchies and Israel

Gawdat Bahgat

The recent war in Iraq will have long-range strategic ramifications on the Middle East. Following the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime the Bush administration introduced the so-called road map, which seeks to make peace between Israel and the Palestinians. These political developments underscore the connection between the geo-politics of the Persian Gulf and the Arab-Israeli conflict. This study examines the Gulf monarchies' policy toward the Arab-Israeli conflict. Particular attention is given to the Saudi leading role in the Arab oil embargo in 1973 and the Saudi peace plans of 1981 and 2002. Finally, the study discusses the limited diplomatic relations between Israel and two Gulf monarchies (Oman and Qatar).