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JSPES, Vol. 41, No. 1 (Spring 2016)
pp. 3–33

The Bruges Group’s Handbook on ‘The EU Empire’: Selections Reflecting a Critical View

Condensed from the handbook written by

Emeritus Prof. Anthony Coughlan

Trinity College

In 2015, the British Bruges Group1 published a monograph Tackling the EU Empire: Basic Critical Facts on the EU/Eurozone, written by Anthony Coughlan, a leading critic of the European Union. The editors of the Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies believe it will be of substantial interest to readers of any persuasion. It is both informative and provocative, outlining the history of the European Union and summing up the Euro-skeptic view. The handbook contains much important detail that readers will do well to examine by reading the handbook itself. Because it is too long for full inclusion here, we have fashioned this condensation out of highlights that we think will be of especial interest to our readers.