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JSPES, Vol. 27, No. 1 (Spring 2002 )
p. 83-120

U.S. Government Grants and Special Interests: An Examination of the Immigration Industry

Joseph E. Fallon

The U.S. government is attempting to promote welfare objectives by increased government grants to private non-profit organizations, but this policy has attracted considerable criticism. This article examines the disbursement of tax money in the form of government grants to one hundred and seventy non-profit organizations in the United States that benefit specific ethnic groups or lobby Congress in favor of increased immigration from selected countries. It classifies the recipients according to five categories; lists the amount each received; and quantifies their dependency on public funds. The paper analyzes the justifications for government grants and analyzes the arguments of those who claim that the union of politicians, special interests and tax money behind such government grants is undermining the principle of representative government.