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JSPES, Vol. 47, No. 3-4 (Fall-Winter 2022)
pp. 353-395

Demographic Ebb and Human Capital in the UK and in the Russian Federation

Pavel V. Ivanov
Department of Political Science and Political Management,
School of Political Studies, RANEPA

With the passage of time, humanity is increasingly immersed in the global trading system that Alfred Mahan spoke about. Migration can be either voluntary or forced. Increased migration exacerbates ethnic conflict. In addition to political strife, such conflict can erupt into large-scale violence. All this, despite technological advances, impedes political processes and leads to ethnic struggles and the destabilization of political systems. We should focus not on the consequences of these behaviors but rather on their root causes. Egalitarian precepts, based on philosophical apriorism, rather than addressing causes, often attempt to deal exclusively with symptoms, deliberately suppressing the political “immune system”, bringing ethnic strife into political discourse, which is upsetting to host populations and their poltical systems.