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JSPES, Vol. 37, No. 3 (Fall 2012)
pp. 347-366

Challenges to Primary School Enrolment in the Gambia

Samuel Adams

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, Accra, Ghana
Alpha Camara
Ministry of Education - The Gambia

This study examines the challenges to primary school enrolment in the Gambia. The study employs a convenience research sampling method where 277 respondents from the school communities participated. The study finds that demand factors are more important than supply factors in explaining primary school enrolment in the Gambia. The main factors identified by the study include; home chores and child labour (symptoms of poverty), religious beliefs, and community involvement. Accordingly, to achieve the Millennium Development Goal (MDG-2) objective, a collective approach that is not only comprehensive and promotes stakeholder involvement in both the policy formulation and implementation is required.