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JSPES, Vol. 33, No. 3 (Fall 2008)
pp. 370-390


"Disentangling Corruption and Democracy,"

Roberta Ann Johnson

University of San Francisco


"Rethinking Corruption, Democracy, and Political Power: Finding a Linkage,"

Herbert H. Werlin

Retired, University of Maryland and World Bank

Editor’s Note: Herbert H. Werlin’s article “Corruption and Democracy: Is Lord Acton Right?” appeared in the Fall 2007 issue of this Journal. Two follow-up articles have been submitted that continue the discussion of these important subjects. The first is by Roberta Ann Johnson of the University of San Francisco, editor of the 2004 book The Struggle Against Corruption: A Comparative Study, who gives an overall favorable critique of Werlin’s analysis while herself extending the discussion in several ways, including bringing in the typologies introduced by Michael Johnston in his Syndromes of Corruption ( 2005). Werlin has followed this with a second article of his own, in this case, among other things, delving more deeply into the comparisons of Bangladesh with Vietnam, and Singapore with Jamaica. We are publishing the two articles together here as in effect one package. It is interesting that the two articles are complementary, not a rebuttal by Johnson and surrebuttal by Werlin.